This year we were fortunate to be invited to participate in the Television Festival of Monte Carlo in early June to interview and photograph those who make television sets.

To mark the start of the broadcast of season 2 tonight on TF1 unprecedented, we invite you to discover the interview with the interpreter of the Inspector Carl Hickman in Crossing Lines, William Fichtner. Also known and recognized for the Invasion series, Prison Break or Entourage, and many films, very open actor talked about his pleasure to turn the series and work with partners, and gave us some tidbits on the future of his character. 

As usual, so the questions come join our team and some of the other journalists present at the round table. Please note that this interview may contain spoilers about season 2. 

Question: This group represents many international series, we Belgium, Switzerland … 

William Fichtner: What else do we have? France? 

Q: Yes France (note: many of us answer) 

W. F.: Oh a lot of French. It’s a very French series, TF1 is our … we do this series with TF1. I love TF1, seriously, they support us tremendously. They are the reason why we do Crossing Lines. 

Q: Do you know anything of Switzerland? 

W. F.: I went to Switzerland. 

Q: For work? 

WF: No, I’ve never worked in Switzerland, but I went to Zurich long ago. I made a trip to the 80, I flew to Paris with this beautiful girl, and we had hotel reservations for three days in Paris, and ten days later we had a reservation in Zurich between the two we just had a road map without any reservation. We left Paris and went down to Auxerre and Château-Chinon and to Cassis. We went back to Gap and took a “map which is the smallest road? “And we chose this one and we went through the mountains and we ended up in Zurich and took a tour of Switzerland also on tiny roads. 

Q: Perhaps with the series and a story about the hidden money you could go back? 

WF: I have to tell you something about Switzerland and then talk about the series. I moved south to Los Angeles eight years ago, I lived in New York most of my life, the woman who sold me the house … I fell in love with the place was gorgeous, her husband had done a lot of work, it is a carpenter, and she told me, “Look, if you do work in the house, you must call this type”, I asked why and she said, “because it is awesome.” After a month, I decided to make an extension to the garage so I returned the card and I called, she told me “this is the best”, I said “Okay , what’s his name? “” Gilbert is a Swiss guy “I asked the name of his company,” Swiss guy (note: Swiss guy). “At the time, I said “his name the name of the company … oh that’s right! “That’s the name of his company, Swiss guy construction. In short it has become a good friend of mine for eight years because it is very Swiss and he does everything absolutely perfectly. 

Q: How is it working with Donald (note: Sutherland - Michael Dorn)? 

WF: I would like to share serious details on it but one of the things I hope in a potential season 3 of the series is to see Hickman and Dorn have a connection. I think this is one of the unexplored territories by series so far. In season one, I think in episode 8, we have this unique scene around a table, a scene of three pages. Donald finishing the season said “it was one of the highlights of the season for me.” This was also the case for me. I think this is the only scene that we had together in season 1 Whatever the reasons, I must tell you, I think it’s seriously one of the uncharted territories of the series we put Donald and I together … to really shake things up a bit. This year, we had little moments. 

Q: So there is something hidden between these two? 

WF: I just think it is unexplored and I do not think it’s related to the characters, it’s related to the series. The series needs, in terms of writing, history, involve characters Hickman and Dorn. I’d love to tell you about all the awesome things we have worked together, but we do not work together so much. 

Q: You’re both quite intense in the way you play things, is it a common point that you see? 

WF: You know, Donald told me one day, and I will never forget and I’m not afraid to quote it because I took it as the highest compliment “we are from the same tree.” I like to think. Indeed, I believe that the way we think about the characters and how we want to explore is very similar. Our conversations with Donald are different than with anyone else on the show. The depth there is when you want to talk about something on the shelf for those little moments that we have together, we can take some small moments and really give them meaning … 

Q: Is it a generational thing or a matter of work ethic? 

WF: I think it’s a combination of both. The truth is that Donald is perhaps a generation before mine, two third generation before me, and the rest of the cast is at least two-thirds of generation after me. So I think, it’s not old school for Donald because this is the way to make people of his time, perhaps a bit old school for me but I love to work as it is working. I aspire to that. 

Q: You get used to shooting in Europe and how it differs there in terms of speed? 

WF: There is the fact of flying and to undergo a nine-hour time difference without falling asleep. I could rest my head and before you all fall asleep in two minutes, a deep sleep because I arrived yesterday. Tour Europe this is wonderful because I’m here. The base camp for the series is Prague and I have to be honest with you, if Prague was not our base camp I do not think I will continue. I love Prague, I really love it. We finished filming in early March this year, we stayed with my wife and my son who is at the international school in Prague, we stayed until the end of the school year months after the end of filming . Last year, we went from the middle of August even though we did not start filming until September because I wanted to be there for the first day of school. My love affair with Prague is not over (laughs), it continues. And we also had the opportunity to turn in season one in Paris and Nice, in season 2 to rotate in Marseille. I had been to Paris so it was nice to be there. Nice was a great moment for me, I loved being in Nice. I think the biggest surprise we had during our time filming in France … it always turns a portion of the season in France, but this year in Marseille was so cool. Marseille is like New York in the 80s (laughs). There is a lot of energy, you can walk down the street and see a broken window and someone who removes a radio in a car. It has an air of New York. And the other thing is that you never hear of Marseilles, how it’s incredibly beautiful. When driving on the highway, you do not really see, the highway turns to Nice and you do not see the port, you do not see that there is an incredible museum and view walking along the port. You see nothing of all this. All my French experience, I must say that Marseille is the best. 

Q: As you are no doubt Marc Lavoine (note: Louis Daniel) is very popular here … 

W. F.: No! You sure? (laughs) I do not believe it. 

Q: What was it like working with him? 

WF: I do not like working with him, I love working with Mark. One thing that has existed since the beginning of the series has always been the French and the American. It has always been a part of history. One thing I discovered early with Marc, and it’s not something they told us to play that way or was headed that way, it’s one of my favorite moments in the first two seasons of the series, it’s the quiet moments with Mark. Sometimes it can be very quiet with each other and over the shoulder to just have a little while … I love this stuff when I see this type of thing, I think that c is real, it’s really good. I love the quiet moments and intimate. Hickman and Louis constantly have that. Even when they do not agree and it often happens, there is an intimacy and trust, it’s really cool. And Marc is one of the good people of this world, it has an incredibly kind soul and is a great guy to be around. I’m very glad he’s my friend and I met him. 

Q: Did you listen to his songs? 

WF: (laughs) He gave me his CD, I had to listen to them! 

Q: You looked intently when you did? 

W. F.: Actually, yes he did (laughs)! But it’s good music, it must be allowed that. Marc is not just a great human being. 

Spoiler Season 2 

Q: What can you tell us about the evolution of Hickman in season 2? What can we expect? Will it go further in its weaknesses and its complexity? 

WF: The joys of the second season for me, not just for Hickman, I think it happened to all the characters, we discover things about the past of each of them, it goes further. For Hickman, his reunion with his former partner in New York, the key professionally, and personally discovers the character of Amanda Andrews played by Carrie-Anne Moss. And I must tell you that we did 12 episodes for the second season, and three episodes with Carrie-Anne Moss are my favorites. Hickman explore with her … we did not need a lot of repetition, I felt that we were just … sometimes it happens, it’s the right person and the good momentum at the right time. Loved, loved just being near her. I liked this turn. And as I said, all the characters have their own story this year, we go a little deeper. At the end of the second season, we know much more about everyone. The crime of the week is interesting and the people on the show react to the crime of the week, it is the subject of the series, it happens to everyone. 

Q: When you see Prison Break today, what memories you return to your mind first? 

WF: Turn in Dallas, Texas and have incredibly hot in August. It’s one thing I remember, there are many things that I remember, I remember being on a plane often because we had just moved into our home in Los Angeles, the movers came a Saturday and I traveled to Dallas on Sunday. I do not want to move my family, the kids were in school, so since this is a series of network is 22 episodes of 9 months from the beginning of July. I had to travel umpteen weekends and Dallas-Los Angeles is far, it is longer than Nice-London flight, to do all weekend. I loved the series but I have to say that I became a frequent flyer that (laughs), I was on a plane all the time. But I loved the series.

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While TF1 will broadcast this Thursday, September 11 unpublished season 2 of “Crossing Lines”, its lead actor, William Fichtner, spoke for us to work with Marc Lavoine.

They form an unlikely duo in Crossing Lines: William Fichtner and Marc Lavoine embody two teammates in international police series that unprecedented season 2 will air this Thursday September 11 on TF1. How did this collaboration? This is the question that we decided to ask Fichtner during his visit at the last Television Festival of Monte Carlo. Check out her answer above.


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